愛上冷壓果汁 In love with cold-pressed juice

“冷壓果汁”對好萊塢明星和加州人似乎不是新名詞了。這股健康風潮從美國西岸吹到了東岸,更吹到P愛的全美有機連鎖店Whole Foods Market,上架更多冷壓的果汁品牌。

冷壓果汁“對好萊塢明星和加州人似乎不是新名詞了。這股健康風潮從美國西岸吹到了東岸,更吹到P愛的全美有機連鎖店Whole Foods Market,上架更多冷壓的果汁品牌

Being the TOP ONE trend of 2014 wellness, cold-pressed juice is not new for Hollywood celebrities and health-cautious Californians, and this wind blows to the east coast, and even to the organic retail Giant – Whole Foods Market.


什麼是”冷壓”? 為什麼它可以蔚為風潮,成為排毒的新名詞?

But what is “cold-pressed”? Why has it become a new name as a cleanse?


冷壓是一項近幾年在歐美養生風潮中新穎的概念,冷壓果汁機在不破壞和流失蔬果營養的原則下,運用適當的壓力粹取蔬果成汁。比起一般高速或研磨而產生熱能破壞蔬果本質的榨汁機來說,冷壓的技術更能夠保存蔬果原本的營養價值。 (Source: Vouge Taiwan)

The newer juicer extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. Because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact. (Source: Huffpost Taste)

P最近愛上 Whole Foods Market 賣的冷壓果汁系列Suja Elements。主要原因是它每瓶中都混合了一天所需的蔬菜和水果的量,是很好的維他命、營養品補充。此外,可愛的命名(像是下面照片裡我最愛的 Green Charge)就讓妳一目了然這是”補充體力、能量”。其他還有高蛋白質補充或是綜合莓類排毒等,消費者不用太懂每樣食材的營養價值,也可以輕鬆選擇適合自己的果汁呦!


P falls in love with Suja Elements where I bought at the Whole Foods. Some big reasons that I become a fan of it is because they mix and match organic fruits and vegetables in one small bottle to provide you enough vitamin and nutrition for a day.  Plus their cool names provide you an immediate understanding what benefit you will get after drinking it.  So far, my favorite is “Green Charge”! ❤

冷壓果汁的風潮也吹到了台灣。最近Juicein 剛在台北市仁愛路上開幕。三個從美國加州回台灣的好朋友,將這股健康新潮流帶回這片土地。他們採取台灣本地有機和無農藥的高品質蔬果、確保清洗絕對乾淨,堅持不加任何防腐劑,並且自己設計了精緻簡單的玻璃包裝,讓果汁保存更新鮮、營養不易流失。

P尚未有機會親自體驗他們的產品,若妳有機會喝過他們的新鮮果汁,也不吝惜可以跟P分享妳的想法喔! 🙂

It looks like the health trend is non-stoppable.  Juicein just officially introduced this concept to Taiwan and opened its first store in Taipei. They use local organic fruits and vegetables and all natural ingredients are all  reserved in their self-designed glass bottle.


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